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To join you must fill out the application form below and submit it to us, along with a current full body picture photo of you and your partner.  All photos must be submitted for approval. 

We want to know you better!  Please include a brief description of yourself in the space indicated. Describe yourself, tell us about your hobbies and a little about your personality and feel free to include a little note about your dreams and desires.

All New Member Applicants Must Submit A Recent FULL BODY Photo to be considered. Any attending Parties that plan on attending this is Required 


No Exceptions

This Is For The Benefit Of All Members. 

*NOTE* If you are not the person (s) in the photo you had submitted for approval you will be denied entry upon arrival. 

Thank you in advance! 


* Photos are required for membership  -  Submit G Rated Photos

* All photos should be sent in medium to high resolution and clear

* All photos are removed and deleted permanently after viewing ad we do not share any information.

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